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Welcome to RealGoldInvestment.net
RealGoldInvestment.net,we will make big profit and special Plan for you!
Daily plan: 80%.120%.200%
Jan 4th 2015
We officially opened our online website.
July 20th 2018
our min deposit is $300 for payeer investors, still $200 for perfect money and bitcoin investors.
May 1st 2020
In order to facilitate investors' investment, our site will accept investment from BITCOIN CASH and Ethereum soon.
September 1st 2021
our min deposit reduced from $200 to $100 now
May 29th 2023
Never missing payment for 8 years
Investment Overview
RealGoldInvestment.net is your alternative in the HYIP world. Thanks for your attention and participation. Our program :
"80% - 200% DAILY"offer, rarely low minimum of $200 and powerful 5% - 10% Bonus
We accepted :
Perfect Money Accepted !
Payeer Accepted !
Bitcoin Accepted !
How can I invest with RealGoldInvestment?
To make Vip Investment you only need to click on deposit button and after you invest, you need to send us email containing your batch number.

I wish to invest with RealGoldInvestment.net but I don't have an Perfect Money account. What should I do?
You can open a free perfect money account here: www.perfectmoney.is

Which e-currencies do you accept?
We accept Perfect Money ,Payeer and Bitcoin e-currencies.

How am I going to be paid?
All profits will be transferred directly to your Perfect Money and Payeer account or Bitcoin wallet.

Will you return my principal?
No, your principal is included in your daily profit.

Can I make any additional deposits?
Yes, of course! Feel free to invest as many times, as you want.

Is my profit guaranteed?
There is risk involved with investing in every investment program - that's why we cannot promise that we will be able to pay you forever. Please invest wisely spending amounts that you can afford to lose.

Can I lose money?
No, You will not lose money in our program.

How can I check my account balances?
You can access the account information every hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

What areas are you invested in?
Real Gold Investment is a cryptocurrency investment company that contributes to the adoption, establishment and management of Decentralized Finance. Our mission is to make crypto investments accessible to everyone.

I see no answer for my question here. What should I do?
Please visit our contact site and let one of our admins answer your query.

Who manages the funds?
These funds are managed by a team of RealGoldInvestment.net HYIP investment experts.